Video-Tips on Job Search & Application

Vorschaubild Launching Your Career In Thuringa

Launching Your Career In Thuringia

Do you want to start your career in Thuringia? In our video, you will receive relevant information about Thuringia’s economy and labour market. Additionally we share tips for a successful job or internship search.
Vorschaubild How Do I Apply

How Do I Apply? – Many Paths Lead To Rome

Via online forms, app or e-mail, spontaneous or corresponding to a job advert –there are many ways possible to apply for a job. This video shows you how to apply and what to keep in mind.
Vorschaubild Application Portfolio Basics

Application Portfolio Basics

First impressions count! Make sure you take the chance, to clearly show what you can offer! In this video, you will get an overview of application portfolio varieties and learn how to structure your cover letter and CV to match the German professional application standard.
Vorschaubild Job Interview Insights

Job Interview Insights

First step done – congratulations! On to the next – the interview: What to expect, how to prepare? This video offers tips e.g. for tough questions or on what you should ask.
Vorschaubild Residence Permits

Residence Permits For International Students And Graduates

This video gives international students and graduates from Thuringia and Germany Universities an overview over the most important information concerning residence permits. What should I know to organise my permit? Which permits are relevant for me? Am I allowed to work during and/or after my studies?