Student of computer science, mathematics, data science or similar.

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Thesis or internship in software security

What you can expect:
The focus of the Institute of Data Science in Jena is to find solutions for the new challenges of the digitalization era. Research concentrates on the areas of data management, data analysis and data mining. These research activities complement established research areas at other DLR institutes and expand DLR's core competencies. Each working group works in close cooperation with other DLR institutes as well as with research and industry partners.

Data forms the basis for data-driven business models and research. The basis for this is the controlled, fair and self-determined exchange of data between data providers and data consumers within the framework of data spaces and data ecosystems. In this context, data is processed almost exclusively by software. The development of reliable, robust and secure software therefore plays an important role, especially when software is a component of critical systems and infrastructures. A software failure or vulnerability to cyber attacks, for example, can have catastrophic consequences and damage both for satellites and for digitized administrative services. It is therefore important to support developers in the implementation of secure, robust and reliable software systems and architectures. The Secure Software Technology working group systematically researches methods, tools and processes for secure software development. Its aim is to automate all security aspects of the software life cycle as far as possible.
The Secure Software Engineering group is looking for your support in the following topics, which can be worked on as a thesis (Bachelor/Master) or as a student activity:

Malicious Beaconing
Malware prefers to use inconspicuous channels to communicate with command-and-control servers in order to evade detection by firewalls. Beacon communication, which regularly emanates from network devices to communicate their presence, can be imitated by malware and used as a slightly modified communication channel. This malicious beaconing is a major challenge for rule-based detection methods. We would like to investigate the use of machine learning methods. This includes creating a data set, selecting suitable methods and conducting experiments.

Threat modeling tools
Threat modeling is a way of making software secure right from the design stage. Such methods are based, among other things, on considerations of the data flow within software and require a lot of time, creativity and experience. We are working on tools to support developers in this process and to automate sub-steps. This includes implementation work as well as scientific research in the areas of repository analysis, program analysis, integration of ML methods, data processing and workflow automation.

Rust avionics software
Rust has strong memory safety features that make it particularly attractive for mission-critical software. We are working on the implementation of avionics software in Rust and are looking for support. This includes implementing resource-efficient machine learning techniques, dealing with low memory and lack of standard libraries, and working with embedded hardware.

Working as a student assistant, your weekly workload will comprise up to 20 hours.

What we expect from you:

  • Ongoing studies in computer science, mathematics, data science (Bachelor/Master) or another field of study with substantial computer science components.
  • Sound programming skills (Rust, Python, C/C++ or Java depending on the topic)
  • Interest in independent and practical work
  • Fluent written and spoken English or German
  • Knowledge of software engineering
  • see minimum qualification
Our offer:
DLR stands for diversity, appreciation and equality for all people. We promote independent work and the individual development of our employees in their personal and professional environment. Our numerous training and development opportunities are available to you for this purpose. Equal opportunities are particularly important to us, which is why we want to increase the proportion of women in science and management in particular. We give preference to applications from severely disabled people if they are professionally qualified.
Further information:
  • Starting date: immediately
  • Duration: by arrangement
  • Degree of employment: Part-time
  • Remuneration: Depending on qualifications and assignment of tasks up to pay group 5 TVöD

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